It may seem strange to list land first, but we truly believe that good health starts with the soil. Land plays an important role in our lives; it provides us with habitat and nourishment through the food it produces plus inspiration and encouragement through its beauty and resiliency. 

We believe that as humans we have a duty to be good stewards of the land. One of the things that first attracted us to a grass-based system was the opportunity to maintain the regenerative cycles that the land uses to restore itself. Perennial forages, properly managed, provide the ground with continuous cover and protection from the sun and create a more stable and temperate environment in which soil biology can thrive. This biology is the foundation for everything else we do.

We strive to manage our land in a way that facilitates its natural cycles. We use the grass to collect solar energy… livestock harvest the grass… they convert most of that energy into edible protein and return the rest back to the soil as fertilizer… and the cycle starts again with the soil.