Rolling vetch and rye experiment

Even though Dave grew up in Cedar Falls, he has strong ties to agriculture in his heritage. It began with his great-great-great grandparents who started farming in Hamilton County, Iowa during the 1850s when it was still untamed tallgrass prairie. His personal experience began with visits to his grandparents’ farm in Howard County, Iowa. After earning a degree in computer engineering from Iowa State University he worked as a wildland firefighter in several Western states and Minnesota. After grad school at Penn State he settled into fire ecology and GIS work which he still does as a research scientist from home for Spatial Informatics Group. Farming had always been a long-term dream but it became a reality in 2010 when he gave up his job in northern California and moved back to Iowa and bought some cows, chickens, and a dog. Dave’s unique skillset adds an interesting dimension to our operation. He is an excellent recordkeeper and loves incorporating research trials into trying new management techniques. He has a knack for collecting, organizing, and filtering production data into useful information and dreams of one day owning a drone. 


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