Products and Pricing

There are three ways to purchase meat from T3C. Our pricing schedule is designed to encourage bulk purchases. In other words, we enjoy farming a lot more than marketing! Be sure to see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.

  • Retail (beef and pork) cuts: you can buy as much or little meat as you’d like in your favorite cuts (as available), but you’ll pay full price. We may not be able to deliver small orders but we are willing to discuss delivery options.
  • Meat bundles: you can choose from several bundle options. These allow you to buy a smaller quantity of meat than whole-animal purchases, but you have less control over the variety of cuts you receive. We assemble bundles from meat we have in our freezers so you will not be able to specify butchering options such as steak thickness or pounds of meat in a package. You will receive a 12% discount from the retail price when purchasing a bundle of any size.
  • Whole-animal: This is the most economical way to purchase meat, but you’ll need to be able to store anywhere from 50 lb to more than 500 lb of meat. We sell you the live animal, deliver it to the locker, and then you may call the locker to discuss exactly how you’d like it butchered. Beef options are a quarter, half, or whole steer; pork options are a half or whole hog.
Purchasing OptionBeef price per poundPork price per poundDiscount from retail price (beef/pork)
Retail (average of all cuts in a carcass)$7.42$4.82-
Bundle (any size)$6.50$4.2412% / 12%
Quarter (beef only; price includes an estimated processing cost)$5.93-20% / -
Half (price includes an estimated processing cost)$5.04$3.7532% / 22%
Whole (price includes an estimated processing cost)$5.04$3.4932% / 28%