Troublesome Creek Pigs

Hobscob* GMO-free * Antibiotic-free * Full-access to outdoors *

We feel the outdoor, “old-fashioned” style of raising hogs produces the flavorful, high-quality meat that we ourselves desire. We raise hogs from hardy breeds that are intended for outdoor production and are known for high quality pork. Instead of maintaining our own breeding herd, as we finish overhauling our facilities we have chosen to purchase weaned feeder pigs from producers whose standards are similar to our own.

Since pigs are very different in foraging behavior than ruminants like cattle and sheep we have taken a hybrid approach to pasturing them. They are given access to pasture full-time except when weather conditions are such that they could severely damage the sod. During these periods they are kept in a dirt lot with access to straw and concrete. We mix and grind our own feed rations comprised of diverse non-GMO ingredients such as corn, wheat, peas, flax, and oats with minimal soy products. 

*We may use antibiotics for the rare occasion of an acute injury or illness. These cases are documented and we inform customers of that history before they commit to any purchases.