Troublesome Creek Cattle

IMG_0037 (ZF-1056-22772-1-002* 100% grassfed * GMO-free * Antibiotic-free * No growth hormone implants *

Our cattle are born, raised, and finished on our farm without grain, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, or synthetic growth hormones. We have chosen to have both a cow-calf and a stocker enterprise because we feel that we can raise animals that are better adapted to our land and grazing system than anything we can buy. This does create some management challenges as different classes of animals do not all have the same nutritional requirements. However, we love the whole process from breeding and calving to finishing and taste-testing steaks so much that it is worth the extra effort. 

First and foremost we are graziers. We manage our land and animals in a way that we feel is beneficial for both. Some of the practices we utilize are management-intensive grazing, bale grazing, stockpile grazing, and growing warm season annuals to provide high-quality forage in the middle of summer.

The central tenets of our production model are:

  • Maintain a herd of highly productive animals that…
  • … allow efficient, minimal-input production which…
  • … results in an excellent product at a reasonable price

*We may use antibiotics for the rare occasion of an acute injury or illness. These cases are documented and we inform customers of that history before they commit to any purchases.