Troublesome Creek Cattle

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Cattle are the central enterprise of Troublesome Creek Cattle Co. Both Meg and I (Dave) enjoy all aspects of beef production (other than hauling finished steers to the locker) which is why we have both a cow-calf operation and a grass-fed finishing operation. Although this requires us to feed cows over the winter, producing our own calves allows us to oversee the entire production cycle of our finished cattle, helping to ensure a high-quality, consistent product. We believe we can produce an excellent product by limiting our herd to a manageable size where we know each cow and calf and are able to monitor their growth and health every day.

The central tenets of our production model are:

  • low-cost production
  • highly productive animals
  • a superior product

We aim to achieve these goals by focusing on the best genetics, producing the best feed, and utilizing the best available management practices. We do not feed grain, nor do we use sub-therapeutic antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. Please feel free to learn more about our cattle production model.

We invite you to try some Troublesome Creek Cattle Co. beef and taste the results for yourself! – D.S.