160 Years of Farming Near Troublesome Creek…

Dave & Meg, Burl & Elbie

Dave and Meg/Elbie and Burl Schmidt- June 2013

Schmidt family

Dave, Meg, and Sylvie/Burl and Elbie Schmidt- November 2015

Meg’s great-great-great-great grandparents came to Audubon County from eastern Iowa in 1853 and settled down to farm near Troublesome Creek. Her great-great-great-great grandfather was elected Audubon County’s first assessor in 1855 but got gold fever several years later and headed west on a wagon train to Colorado where he failed to find gold. He later bought a ranch in western Nebraska and prospected for gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota before returning to Iowa. He and his family are buried in Audubon County’s oldest cemetery.

Dave’s great-great-great grandparents moved to Hamilton County in 1855 from upstate New York after emigrating from Switzerland in the 1700’s. They began farming when the area was still untamed tallgrass prairie. One of Dave’s great-great grandfathers ran away from home as a boy in Sweden to become a cowboy in Texas. As far as we can tell, the Schmidt line can be traced back to a family of flax farmers from southwest Germany. Dave grew up in Cedar Falls, graduated from Iowa State and Penn State, and worked for the U.S. Forest Service in northern Minnesota, Idaho, northern California, and Alaska before returning to Iowa in 2010.

Dave and Meg were married in the fall of 2012 near Guthrie Center, Iowa. We live on the farm where Meg grew up with our dogs, chickens, goats, horses, a milk cow, and- depending on the time of year- “Greensalad” the bull. Meg hopes that eventually we will use the horses enough to justify the hay they eat.